About Us

Mike Wheatley

Founder and CEO

Mike Mike is a keen biker & novice triathlete. Having enjoyed cycling throughout his life, Mike’s main sporting interest was in fact rugby which he has played for over 20 years. Having reached the age where joints and muscles were less readily recovering after matches, Mike decided it was time to take up a new sport by which he could maintain fitness, and which appealed to his desire to explore.

Having been introduced to biking by a friend a few years ago, he has since become addicted to the buzz of the blend of fitness & exploration. The proud owner of 2 bikes, one is a custom Cannondale hardtrail, which has evolved from an F3 Caffeine when it’s frame broke, and the other being a Cannondale CAAD10 road bike, adapted for triathlon.

Mike lives in Bournemouth on the South Coast, and spends his weekends either in the Purbecks, New Forest, or Cranborne Chase checking out new trails. If you can’t find him on one of his bikes, then he’ll be either browsing the local bike shops looking at bike-porn, or down at his local drinking cider.

Burnrock Mountain is a trading name of Discovery & Adventure Sports Ltd.
All artwork & branding is subject to copyright.


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