Burnrock Mountain

Idyllic trailAt Burnrock we just love to bike. We live to ride everything, whether on the road, over rocks, some winding single-track, or grassy downhill, it’s what we are.

We believe that many of the biking groups & websites out there focus very heavily on the hard-core, hard-training, hard-suffering, and “biking or nothing” minority. This is great, we love these guys, and aspire to be like them, and we want Burnrock to appeal to these guys too.

However, much as we love biking, we all have lives & interests outside of the two-wheeled world, and most of the time, we don’t fancy biking at night in heavy rain & freezing conditions.

Sometimes we train to get a bit fitter….we sometimes run a bit….we like food, beer & wine….alot….but mainly we like to get out on our bikes, and let the fitness take care of itself. We think we’d like to race, and we have a competitive nature, but we don’t train enough to compete with the hard-core guys. So we just bike when we can, and most of all we enjoying biking with our friends.

Sound familiar?

We believe that we’re like the vast majority of you out there, whether you bike for fun, bike to get fit, or bike to explore, Burnrock Mountain is for you.

We’ve had a few great ideas to appeal to the mainstream biking market, starting with Mountain Biking, and as you’ll see as you browse our website, these will range from events with broad appeal through to products and offers from our partners.


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